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It's our last day of the trip! This afternoon we fly back to London and real life starts again. To say it's been incredible is a huge understatement; definitely the best six months of my life.

For the last two weeks we have been on a holiday within a holiday, chilling out in California. Although unfortunately 'June gloom' has effected the tanning time!

Santa Rosa, Carmel, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and San Diego were all pretty great, but highlights have to be our incredible dinner at Benu in San Francisco (huge thanks to Peter Hall) and the last two days with the Jacksons and Kedzlies in Carlsbad with zoo, pool, firepit and BBQ action.

There was also my 29th birthday squeezed in :)

We have seen and experienced so much on the trip, that I'll leave you with our 'bests' and a list of what we have learnt on our travels:

Best Chips: Sea View Cape Cod
Best Song: Thrift Shop/ Get Lucky
Best Burger: Shake Shack
Best Accommodation: Pondok Langkawi/ Teepee Montana
Best Steak: Chicago Chop house
Best State: Florida
Best Road Trip tip: Stephen Fry audio books 
Best driving road: Beartooth highway Montana, Ocean Highway Florida
Best beach: Pantai Chenga LangKawi/ Pensacola Florida
Best BBQ: John Muller, Austin
Best Natural Beauty: Monument Valley, Utah/ Sapa Vietnam
Best Donuts: Voodoo Donuts, Portland
Best Key Lime Pie: The key lime pie company, Key West
Best Coffee: Any in Vietnam
Best food truck: Tacos in Austin
Best bar: Spotted cat music cafe, New Orleans/ Oasis Cafe Lang Kawi
Best overall food: Sushi at the Tokyo fish market/ bun cha, Hanoi
Best Posh Restaurant: Benu, San Francisco
Best street Restaurant: Ban xio place in Hoi An
Best normal restaurant: 1122 Golden, Ontario 

Things we learnt in....

Indian drivers use the horn, a lot
If you don't eat meat you don't get ill
Rob is a better surfer than me
They use coconuts for everything, rope, jewellery, boats, food
Toddy (fermented cocoanut) is disgusting 
There is a communist government in Kerala
They bathe in the sea fully clothed at sunset

Sri Lanka:
Everyone is mean; even policemen try to rip you off!
It rains a lot in the mountains
Colombo is horrible
Talpe beach is amazing
Virgin tea is pretty tasty
Turtles are really cute

Beer is £8 a pint in Koala lumpur 
Petronas is an petrol company 
A strawberry farm is just a tray of them in a cafe at the side of the road
Chendol is amazing 
Laksa is awesome
LangKawi is stunningly beautiful
February is a bit early to go to the Perinthians

There are 5 million motorbikes in Ho Chi Ming 
Crossing the road is tough
Nha Trang is full of Russians
Having a mud bath with lots of Russians is pretty scary
The locals in Sapa will guide you for the price of a bracelet
Hoi An is very pretty
Net fishing is fun
They have the best food in the world

It is freezing
The best ramen is ordered through vending machines
The parks in Tokyo have the best cherry blossoms
There isn't a lot in Kyoto
Supermarket sushi is pretty good
Hiroshima is beautiful
The bullet train can be late

The drivers are lovely 
Poutine is delicious 
Niagra falls is like Blackpool
Red ice wine tastes like strawberry jam
Running in the heat is hard
Vancouver is awesome

US drivers are horrendous 
There are no cats eyes
They all drink and drive 
Who Lincoln was
Who Washington was
Hardly anyone uses fresh milk, only creamer
Waffle House is open 24 hrs, 365 days a year
All petrol is prepay
20% is actually over tipping
9 hrs drive in a day is doable
The desert is cold
Light beer is painfully gassy
They only play 10 songs on the radio on a loop
Every freeway in a city has roadworks on
You can enter and exit the freeway on both sides 
You can legally undertake
$40 will fill the tank
Rob is way better at running than me
Drunk shopping is expensive 
They have no idea where the boot of the car is
Rob is rubbish at admin
YSL new babydoll mascara is the best in the world
CVS sells everything
Time zones sneak up and you turn up to places very early or very late 
Redds apple ale is delicious 
There are big gaps around the toilet  doors 
Baseball= cricket /rounders - pork pies + hotdogs + beer
Children are hard work 

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